2013/04/12 Indio, CA

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How To Destroy Angels played at the Coachella festival in Indio, California, on April 12, 2013 as part of the How To Destroy Angels Live 2013 tour.


  • This was originally scheduled to be the band's first live performance.
  • The setlist played was identical to the previous night, without the encore.
  • The show was broadcast live on YouTube as part of the Coachella festival's live stream.
  • As the start time was midnight, the band actually came on on the 13th, making it a very unusual show for taking place on the same day as a following show.



  1. "The Wake-Up"
  2. "Keep It Together"
  3. "Parasite"
  4. "And The Sky Began To Scream"
  5. "Ice Age"
  6. "The Believers"
  7. "How Long?"
  8. "Welcome Oblivion"
  9. "BBB"
  10. "Between The Spaces"
  11. "Fur-Lined"
  12. "The Loop Closes"
  13. "A Drowning"


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Tour Dates
Previous show - "2013/04/10 Pomona, CA" 2013/04/12, Pomona, CA Following show - "2013/04/13 Las Vegas, NV"
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