Coming Down Fast

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"Coming Down Fast" Bootleg

Coming Down Fast is a live bootleg from an unconfirmed date and location, though it is rumored to be from New Orleans, Louisiana on May 5, 1994.


  1. "Terrible Lie"
  2. "Sin"
  3. "March Of The Pigs"
  4. "Something I Can Never Have"
  5. "Closer"
  6. "Reptile"
  7. "Wish"
  8. "Suck"
  9. "The Only Time"
  10. "Get Down, Make Love"
  11. "Down In It"
  12. "Big Man With A Gun"
  13. "Head Like A Hole"
  14. "Dead Souls"
  15. "Help Me I Am In Hell"
  16. "Happiness In Slavery"
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