No, You Don't

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"No, You Don't"
Album: The Fragile (Left)
Length: 3:35
Tempo: 126 BPM
Versions: No, You Don't
No, You Don't (Instrumental)
No, You Don't (Version)
Live: Fragility through Performance 2007

"No, You Don't" is the tenth track on the Left disc of The Fragile. In a 2000 interview with Guitar World, Trent Reznor acknowledged that the song is partially about the deterioration of his friendship with Marilyn Manson.[1]





No, You Don't

This is available on The Fragile. One of the most metal-oriented NIN songs, it begins with a subversive ambient pad fading in from the end of "Pilgrimage," which builds and sweeps in the drum loop; this introduction was later released in full as "Feeders." After 16 bars, the first verse begins, yelled by Reznor and accompanied by thick, distorted guitars. These remain evident throughout most of the track, the initial drum loop accompanying verses, then mutated into a faster beat with a feverish tambourine pulse playing 16th notes. A bridge featuring fuzzy lead guitar interrupts these patterns, releasing some of the energy before the quick pace returns and builds to a noisy, sudden climax.

No, You Don't (Instrumental)

Running Time: 3:16

Released exclusively through Apple Music as part of The Fragile Instrumental and later on The Fragile: Deviations 1, this retains the album arrangement, but lacks the opening ambient pad.

No, You Don't (Version)

Running Time: 4:24

A exclusive during The Fragile era, this remix by Keith Hillebrandt is significantly more electronic than its album counterpart, based around stuttering beats. Its sound is similar to "Underneath It All." It was available for download via the website.


"No, You Don't" made its live debut on November 14, 1999. It was a staple of the Fragility v1.0 shows, and reappeared at the last two shows for the European festivals. It was played infrequently at the early shows of Live: With Teeth, and regularly during Performance 2007, but has not appeared since.


    Smiling in their faces
    While filling up the hole
    So many dirty little places
    In your filthy little worn out
    Broken down see through soul
    Baby's got a problem
    Tries so hard to hide
    Got to keep it on the surface
    Because everything else is dead on the other side
    Teeth in the necks of everyone you know
    You can keep on sucking until the blood won't flow
    When it starts to hurt it only helps it grow
    Taking all you need
    (But not this time)
    No, you don't
    And just for the record
    Just so you know
    I did not believe
    That you could sink so low
    You think that you can beat them
    I know that you won't
    You think you have everything
    But no, you don't
    No, you don't
    No, you don't
    No, you don't
    No, you don't

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