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An Omen EP_ is How To Destroy Angels' second release and second EP, and their first release under a label, Columbia Records. The EP was announced by Trent Reznor on September 21st, 2012 and was released November 13th, 2012. It is labeled as Sigil 3.

Track listing

Side 1:

  1. "Keep It Together"* - 4:29
  2. "Ice Age"* - 6:59
  3. "On The Wing"* - 4:53

Side 2:

  1. "The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters" - 4:25
  2. "The Loop Closes"* - 4:48
  3. "Speaking In Tongues" - 6:58

Asterisks indicate songs that later appeared on Welcome Oblivion


The EP was released in digital and vinyl formats, and contained tracks off of the yet-unnamed debut album from the band.

The band's website was updated to include promo photos, more glitch art and a raw graphic style from Rob Sheridan, similar to his previous work with Nine Inch Nails.

The first single for the EP, "Keep It Together", was debuted on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio One show on October 8th, 2012, and the track was released via digital download the following day.

The full EP was released for streaming at The Hype Machine and SoundCloud on November 8th, 2012.

A limited number of copies of the physical release were for sale on HTDA's official webstore, and all copies bought through the site came packaged with a exclusive white label pressing of the EP's lead single Keep It Together on 12" vinyl.

Music Videos

Keep It Together

The lead single for the EP was given two music videos, the first a straight "teaser" video, of the song playing in full on a studio console, the second being a performance video of the song at the Reznors' home studio. Both videos were directed by How To Destroy Angels.

Ice Age

"Ice Age" did not get a single release, but was still given a full music video (similar to how "A Drowning" was the single from the band's first EP, but "The Space In Between" got the music video). The video reflects the artwork of the band in terms of distortion and CRT monitor effects, and was directed by John Hillcoat.

The Loop Closes

Like "Ice Age," "The Loop Closes" was not released as a single, but given a music video, released on January 10th, 2013. The video was directed by the entire band and features the full band singing the lyrics, accompanied by both stock footage and newly shot footage, all of which is stylized with heavy distortion much like the entirety of the artwork for the EP. The video's release was accompanied by confirmation that the band's first full-length release, Welcome Oblivion, would be released March 5th, 2013.


All versions were released on November 13th, 2012.

  • The EP was released in MP3 formats across all MP3 retailers, but the only way to obtain the high quality and lossless audio formats for the release is to order through HTDA's own webstore.
  • The EP was released on 12", 180 gram vinyl and will be the only way to obtain the album on a physical medium, as a CD copy of the EP is not to be printed. When ordered through the band's website, the EP came with an exclusive white label pressing of Keep It Together.


Written, arranged, programmed, performed,
produced and packaged by How to destroy angels_

Mariqueen Maandig
Trent Reznor
Atticus Ross
Rob Sheridan

Mixed by Alan Moulder except 4 mixed by Michael Patterson
Mastered by Tom Baker at precision mastering, Hollywood, CA
Recorded by Blumpy with additional engineering by Dustin Mosley

Management: Rebel Waltz
Booking: Marc Geiger @ WME
Publicity: Heathcliff Beru @ Life or Death PR

Art direction

The art of the EP was conceived by the entire HTDA group, and was primarily executed by Rob Sheridan. He used a technique of creating art, placing the image onto VHS tapes and then photographing distortion through a CRT monitor as shown here.

Art credits

Photography for the EP "An omen", by How to destroy angels.

Photography: Tamar Levine and Rob Sheridan
Art Direction/Post-Production: Rob Sheridan

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