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Sigil numbers are the numbers assigned to pieces of the How To Destroy Angels discography in the order that they are released, in the style of Nine Inch Nails' "Halo numbers".


Sigil # Name Release Year Album Type Description Find It
01 A Drowning 2010 Single First HTDA single, available as download only. Whilst there is no official labelling calling it Sigil 01, the number is reserved for it[1] . Find it on Amazon
02 How To Destroy Angels 2010 EP First HTDA EP. Find it on Amazon
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03 An Omen EP 2012 EP Second HTDA EP, and first release under Columbia Records. Only available as a download or on vinyl. Find it on Amazon
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04 Welcome Oblivion 2013 LP First HTDA album, and second release under Columbia Records. Find it on Amazon
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"Sigil-less" official releases

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