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"Demos And Remixes" Bootleg

This bootleg consists of songs from the Pretty Hate Machine and Broken eras. This is also in circulation as Purest Feeling II.


  1. "Down In It" 4:35 (demo unique to this bootleg)
  2. "Sanctified" 5:44 (demo unique to this bootleg)
  3. "Kinda I Want To" 4:43 (demo unique to this bootleg)
  4. "Twist" (Version) 4:47 ("Ringfinger" demo unique to this bootleg)
  5. "Down In It" (Big Whole Mix) 4:08 (demo unique to this bootleg)
  6. "Suck" (Live) 5:45 (NIN live soundboard from TVT Summer Sampler cassette)
  7. "Supernaut" (Original) 6:29 (from Wax Trax! Sampler #2 cassette)
  8. "Down In It" (Demo) 4:01 (Demo version from Halo 3)
  9. "Head" (Version) Flood Mix 5:50 (aka "You Know Who You Are")
  10. "Sin" (DJ Edit) 3:33 (aka Radio Edit)
  11. "Head Like A Hole" (Go-Go Mix) 5:24 (aka Opal mix)
  12. "Wish" (DJ Edit) 3:59 (aka Radio Edit from UK promo)
  13. "Suck" (Demo) 3:49 (Pigface Gub album version)
  14. "Down In It" (Skin Mix) 3:55 (with the intro of "Terrible Lie" on the end, which fades out)
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