Rusty Nails III

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Rusty Nails III is the third installment in the Rusty Nails bootleg series. Unlike the previous two Rusty Nails collections, all songs on III are composed into one audio track on the cd.


  1. "Quake soundtrack - Track 1" (Intro)
  2. "Videodrones; Questions" (Trent Reznor) (Lost Highway)
  3. "Eraser (Denial: Realization)"
  4. "Driver Down" (Trent Reznor) (Lost Highway)
  5. "Eraser (Polite)"
  6. "The Beauty Of Being Numb"
  7. "Physical"
  8. "Heresy (Version)"
  9. "Supernaut" (1000 Homo Djs—Trent Reznor)
  10. "Big Man With A Gun"
  11. "Self Destruction, Part Three"
  12. "Mr. Self Destruct"
  13. "Ruiner (Version)"
  14. "Quake soundtrack - Track 2"
  15. "Burn" (Nartural Born Killers)
  16. "The Perfect Drug" (Lost Highway)
  17. "Closer (Deviation)"
  18. "Something I Can Never Have" (Natural Born Killers version)
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