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CD album art
Vinyl album art
Welcome Oblivion is an album release by How To Destroy Angels. It is the band's first full-length release and their third release in all. It was released by Columbia Records on March 5th, 2013.

Rob Sheridan describes the album's concept as "anxiety of information overload as humanity and technology converge and presenting technological singularity and post-humanism as both a terrifying and transformative moment for mankind and nature."

The album was available to stream for free via Pitchfork Advance until 27th February 2013.


An Omen EP, released November 2012, served as a precursor to the album, with four of its six tracks featuring on Welcome Oblivion, three of which had a music video.

The album was announced alongside the video release for "The Loop Closes," one of four tracks to be featured on both this album and An Omen EP. The first single to be released from the album (that was not already on An Omen EP) was "How Long?" on January 31st, accompanied by its music video and an announcement of the tracklisting and the vinyl's album art.

On February 19th, HTDA made "And The Sky Began To Scream" available for free via text service Maebe, the first song to be released on the service.

The full CD/Digital version of the album was made available to stream in its entirety for free via Pitchfork on February 20th, and on the same day the band released pre-orders through their own website, and some new t-shirt designs linked to the album's artwork.

The Bug was originally to appear on the album, providing a musical hook for one of the tracks (which one is unknown). However, as Mariqueen Maandig "couldn't get happy with her voice on it"[sic], the hook was ultimately scrapped. The Bug has stated he'll use it in his own music in the future.[1]

Like the band's first EP, the CD and vinyl versions of the album have different artwork.

Due to a printing issue, the vinyl edition of the album is delayed until the 17th of March.


The vinyl release of the album comes with two bonus tracks, "The Province Of Fear" and "Unintended Consequences," plus the CD of the vinyl version album within the sleeve.


  1. "The Wake-Up"
  2. "Keep It Together"
  3. "And The Sky Began To Scream"
  4. "Welcome Oblivion"
  5. "Ice Age"
  6. "On The Wing"
  7. "Too Late, All Gone"
  8. "How Long?"
  9. "Strings And Attractors"
  10. "We Fade Away"
  11. "Recursive Self-Improvement"
  12. "The Loop Closes"
  13. "Hallowed Ground"


  1. "The Wake-Up"
  2. "Keep It Together"
  3. "And The Sky Began To Scream"
  4. "Ice Age"
  5. "Welcome Oblivion"
  6. "On The Wing"
  7. "Too Late, All Gone"
  8. "The Province Of Fear"
  9. "How Long?"
  10. "Strings And Attractors"
  11. "Recursive Self-Improvement"
  12. "Unintended Consequences"
  13. "We Fade Away"
  14. "The Loop Closes"
  15. "Hallowed Ground"


Whilst the digital version of the album is officially listed as the same as the CD version, some download sites have listed it with the band's eponymous EP included as "bonus tracks".


Written, arranged, programmed, performed,
produced and packaged by How to destroy angels_

Mariqueen Maandig
Trent Reznor
Atticus Ross
Rob Sheridan

Mixed by Alan Moulder
Mastered by Tom Baker at precision mastering, Hollywood, CA
Recorded by Blumpy with additional engineering by Dustin Mosley and Jun Murakawa

"We Fade Away" co-written/performed with Alessandro Cortini

Management: Rebel Waltz
Booking: Marc Geiger @ WME
Publicity: Heathcliff Beru @ Life or Death PR
Business management: William Harper and Michael Walsh for Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman
Legal: Gary Stiffelman and David Byrnes

Published by Cloudcover, Inc. (ASCAP), M'aidez (ASCAP), Songs in the key of mink, and modwheelmusic, inc. (ASCAP) for "We Fade Away" administered by Songs of Universal, Inc. (BMI)

Thank you:
Mark Williams, Scott Greer, Erika Alfredson, Rob Stringer, Ashley Newton, Bryan younce and the rest of the Columbia team, Christina Lum, Selene Yen, Irina Volodarsky, Karen Ciccone, Ross Rosen, Claudia Sarne, Tamar Levine, Tara Dowburd-Luftman, Iowa Wong, David A. Sitek, Factory Floor, The Soft Moon, Deadmau5, Claudia Lagan, Angela Sidlow, John Hillcoat, Jonathan Pavesi, everyone at Skunk, Elise Velasco, Johnny Stuntz, Andreas and everyone at NI, Olaf and everyone at Ableton, Mitch and everyone at Soundtoys, everyone at Shynola, Matt Mahurin, Elena Dickstein and preferred travel, Rockit Cargo, Nicki Goldstein and Midway

Tour dates

HTDA's first live shows are to be played at Coachella 2013, and they will also have a short tour to promote Welcome Oblivion afterwards.

How To Destroy Angels Discography
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