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Nine Inch Nails played at the Reading Festival in Reading, England, on August 26, 2007 as part of the Performance 2007 tour.


After "Wish," Trent Reznor spoke to the audience:

"Thank you. It's an honor to be here, I've always wanted to play Reading. It's fucking great to be here and great
see all of you out there, and how in the hell is it a sunny day today? Miracles do happen. This is a song by a
favorite band of our's: Joy Division."



  1. "Hyperpower!"
  2. "The Beginning Of The End"
  3. "Survivalism"
  4. "March Of The Pigs"
  5. "Closer"
  6. "Burn"
  7. "Gave Up"
  8. "Me, I'm Not"
  9. "The Great Destroyer"
  10. "Eraser"
  11. "Only"
  12. "Wish"
  13. "Dead Souls"
  14. "The Hand That Feeds"
  15. "Head Like A Hole"
  16. "Hurt"


The performance was recorded and shown on BBC television channels and website, however only the last six songs played have been aired.

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