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In March 1994 Nine Inch Nails embarked on the warm-up leg of tour in support of their new album, The Downward Spiral. The shows were mostly in small venues and clubs. The tour is part of the Self Destruct Touring Cycle.


Typical setlist

  1. "Pinion"
  2. "Terrible Lie"
  3. "Sin"
  4. "March Of The Pigs"
  5. "Closer"
  6. "Reptile"
  7. "Wish"
  8. "Ruiner"
  9. "Suck"
  10. "Happiness In Slavery" or "Heresy"
  11. "The Only Time"
  12. "Get Down, Make Love"
  13. "Down In It"
  14. "Head Like A Hole"

Tour Dates

Date/Location Venue
1994/03/09 Los Angeles, CA Probe (Helter Skelter)
1994/03/10 San Francisco, CA Temple (Oasis)
1994/03/11 Palo Alto, CA The Edge
1994/03/14 Las Vegas, NV Huntridge Theatre
1994/03/15 Las Vegas, NV Huntridge Theatre
1994/03/17 Phoenix, AZ The Roxy
1994/03/18 Phoenix, AZ The Roxy
1994/03/20 Tucson, AZ Buena Vista Theater
1994/03/26 Honolulu, HI After Dark
1994/03/27 Honolulu, HI After Dark
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