2005/10/29 New Orleans, LA

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Nine Inch Nails played at the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana, on October 29, 2005 as part of the With Teeth Fall Arena Tour. Saul Williams was the special guest at this thow.


This performance almost didn't happen due to the organizers' concerns that people may not come to see the performance. The city was (and still is) left in shambles following Hurricane Katrina striking it two months earlier. Ultimately, Trent Reznor called the festival organizers and expressed his intent on bringing the festival back to New Orleans, seeing it as vital in helping the city heal and recover. Reznor and the festival organizers also decided to allow those who came to the city to help those left stranded and to begin clean-up efforts in for free as a way of thanking them for their hard work and dedication.



  1. "Head Like A Hole"
  2. "Terrible Lie"
  3. "March Of The Pigs"
  4. "Something I Can Never Have"
  5. "The Frail"
  6. "The Wretched"
  7. "Closer"
  8. "Burn"
  9. "Gave Up"
  10. "Right Where It Belongs"
  11. "African Student Movement" (with Saul Williams)
  12. "List Of Demands" (with Saul Williams)
  13. "Wish"
  14. "Only"
  15. "Suck"
  16. "The Hand That Feeds"
  17. "Hurt"


A bootleg DVD of this performance is available, entitled "Toothful Voodooland".

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