2007/08/07 Stockholm, Sweden

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Thic concert took place at the Hovet in Stockholm, Sweden as part of the Performance 2007 tour. Serena Maneesh was the supporting act.


Trent Reznor joked to the audience:

"Here's a song from our latest album Year Zero, which sold… about zero copies here in Sweden.
That's OK though. I'm over it. Just steal the record and give it to your friends."



This setlist only has one source, so it may not be completely accurate.

  1. "Hyperpower!"
  2. "The Beginning Of The End"
  3. "Heresy"
  4. "Last"
  5. "March Of The Pigs"
  6. "Piggy"
  7. "Survivalism"
  8. "Burn"
  9. "Gave Up"
  10. "Me, I'm Not"
  11. "The Great Destroyer"
  12. "Eraser"
  13. "Only"
  14. "Wish"
  15. "The Good Soldier"
  16. "Dead Souls"
  17. "No, You Don't"
  18. "Suck"
  19. "The Hand That Feeds"
  20. "Head Like A Hole"
  21. "Hurt"


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