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The May 9th, 2007, Nine Inch Nails performed in Sydney, Australia, at the Big Top in Luna Park as part of the Performance 2007 tour. Serena Maneesh was the supporting act.


"We tricked you and got back sooner than you thought we would. We have a new album which many of you have stolen.
this song is not on it; it's not by us, it's by one of my favourite bands"
  • Then, just before singing "Hurt," Reznor reached for the microphone and knocked over the whole keyboard. He then said:
"Ever have one of those days?"



  1. "Hyperpower!"
  2. "The Beginning Of The End"
  3. "Survivalism"
  4. "March Of The Pigs"
  5. "Heresy"
  6. "Closer"
  7. "Burn"
  8. "Gave Up"
  9. "Help Me I Am In Hell"
  10. "Me, I'm Not"
  11. "La Mer"
  12. "The Good Soldier"
  13. "Wish"
  14. "No, You Don't"
  15. "Mr. Self Destruct"
  16. "Only"
  17. "Suck"
  18. "Dead Souls"
  19. "Hurt"
  20. "The Hand That Feeds"
  21. "Head Like A Hole"


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