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Nine Inch Nails played at the Frequency Festival in Salzburg, Austria, on August 16, 2007 as part of the Performance 2007 tour.


  • The release of the timetable caused some discontent amongst Austrian and German Nine Inch Nails fans as Nine Inch Nails were to play between Beatsteaks and Die Ärzte, two German bands who are very close.
  • During "Something I Can Never Have" parts of the crowd in the wavebreaker started chanting "Wir wollen Die Ärzte sehen..." (We want to see Die Ärzte)
  • In a rare case, "Hurt" was not played at the festival due to hecklers.
  • Trent Reznor called this concert "the worst performance and certainly the worst crowd of the whole tour by far." There are reports that people in the audience were on their phones while the band played, sat down in the wavebreaker and rude behavior in general from the crowd.
  • The following statement was posted in the Tour Journal at ETS:
The blame lies with us (NIN). We should never have been booked at that festival in that slot in the first place. The
responsible booking agent had been replaced a while ago but some of his shitty bookings remain. 
It seems from time to time we get stuck in a festival slot that is unwinnable - playing in front of an audience that
doesn't AND SHOULDN'T like us. Just so happens that seems to happen in and around Germany the most. We show up and
see band names we've never heard of (nor has anybody else 50 miles outside of Germany) and discover they're huge
Lesson learned!
  • Extract of the organiser's review of Frequency Festival 2007:
Am donnerstag ging es dann von den fans heiss her und speziell der wellenbrecher war heissbegehrt und DÄ fans haben
sich dort den ganzen tag nicht mehr weg bewegt... was dann ja bekanntlich trent nicht "so getaugt" hat. ich hatte
gehofft das alle fans auch bei NIN mit gehen würden aber das war dann leider nur teilweise so, allerdings war auch
das NIN set anfangs eher zäh... aber mir hat es gut gefallen.


On Thursday it heated up between the fans, especially a place in the wavebreaker was wanted and Die Ärzte-fans
didn't leave it the whole day... which wasn't really to Trent's pleasure. I've hoped that all fans would be totally
into NIN as well, but unfortunately this was only partly like that, however: the NIN-set was a bit tough in the
beginning as well... but I liked it a lot.



  1. "Hyperpower!"***
  2. "The Beginning Of The End"
  3. "Sin"
  4. "March Of The Pigs"***
  5. "Something I Can Never Have"
  6. "Closer"
  7. "Survivalism"***
  8. "Burn"
  9. "Gave Up"
  10. "La Mer"
  11. "The Frail"
  12. "The Wretched"
  13. "Wish"
  14. "The Good Soldier"***
  15. "No, You Don't"
  16. "Suck"
  17. "Dead Souls"
  18. "The Hand That Feeds"
  19. "Head Like A Hole"


  • ***This performance of "HYPERPOWER!" appears in In This Twilight (Live 2005-2007)
  • ***This performance of "March Of The Pigs" appears in In This Twilight (Live 2005-2007)
  • ***This performance of "Survivalism" appears in In This Twilight (Live 2005-2007)
  • ***This performance of "The Good Soldier" appears in In This Twilight (Live 2005-2007)

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