2006/06/14 Camden, NJ

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Limited-edition lithograph for this concert
On June 14th, 2006 the Tweeter Center in Camden, New Jersey was host to a live performance by Nine Inch Nails, with opening acts Bauhaus and TV On The Radio. This was part of the Summer Amphitheater Tour.


During this concert, while singing "Get Down, Make Love," Trent Reznor uttered what would become a legendary quote in response to someone who was apparently spitting water at him:

"Spit on me again and I'm gonna rip your fucking cunt off!"



  1. "Somewhat Damaged"
  2. "You Know What You Are?"
  3. "Sin"
  4. "Terrible Lie"
  5. "March Of The Pigs"
  6. "The Frail"
  7. "The Wretched"
  8. "Closer"
  9. "Burn"
  10. "Gave Up"
  11. "Help Me I Am In Hell"
  12. "Non-Entity"
  13. "Only"
  14. "Wish"
  15. "La Mer"
  16. "Into The Void"
  17. "Dead Souls"
  18. "Suck"
  19. "Get Down, Make Love"
  20. "Down In It"
  21. "The Hand That Feeds"
  22. "Head Like A Hole"

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