2008/11/06 Atlantic City, NJ

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Nine Inch Nails played at the House Of Blues in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on November 6, 2008. HEALTH was the opening act.


  • This performance was a special club show, deviating from the large-arena format of the rest of the Lights In The Sky Tour.

Since the With Teeth tour, fans have noted that Trent Reznor, when singing the middle of the song "Closer" sang the lyrics "Within the forest, above the trees" while the studio version of the song has the lyrics as "Through every forest, above the trees." During his speech in the middle of the show, Trent noted this, saying:

"This is fun for us, we've been on the road for a long time, it's been going on for .. I don't know, forever, and it's gonna keep going on for a long... Normal shows take place with a bunch of gadgetry and trickery onstage, but tonight it feels kinda weird because it's like we don't have our pants on. Plus, usually by this point in the set, there's robots that come out and do what we do and we're backstage in an oxygen tent. There's no faking it tonight. I'll probably tell jokes between each song. We've got a whole shitload of music to play.
Before we start, I know there's some superfans here tonight. I discovered this thing called the internet and I realize how people like to bitch about every single thing there is to bitch about - one of which is the words in Closer. I realize I've been fuckin em' up so long I can't remember what the right ones are. So, what is the middle of the song? Above the forest...what? It's not above the forest, what is it? What is it, does anyone know? What is it? (Throws the microphone to a fan who replies "Through every forest, above the trees") Thank you, thank you for that. Every night that comes up and I'm like I'm gonna fuck that up 'cause I can't remember what...aw fuck it. Alright, through every forest, thank you."

He then proceeded to whisper the lyrics "Through every forest, above the trees/within my stomach, scraped off my knees" from "Closer" during the coda of the next song, "Discipline," and has since changed to singing the lyrics the correct way at every subsequent show.



  1. "Pinion"
  2. "Love Is Not Enough"
  3. "Terrible Lie"
  4. "1,000,000"
  5. "Letting You"
  6. "March Of The Pigs"
  7. "Piggy"
  8. "The Frail"
  9. "The Wretched"
  10. "The Collector"
  11. "Survivalism"
  12. "Reptile" (with Peter Murphy)
  13. "Closer"
  14. "Discipline"
  15. "The Beginning Of The End"
  16. "31 Ghosts IV"
  17. "Wish"
  18. "Head Down"
  19. "Gave Up"
  20. "The Line Begins To Blur"
  21. "Only
  22. "God Given"
  23. "Down In It"
  24. "Hurt"
  25. "Starfuckers, Inc."
  26. "The Hand That Feeds"
  27. "Head Like A Hole"


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