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The second part of the Self Destruct Tour, often referred to as the Further Down The Spiral Tour, took place between August 1994 and February 1995 in North America in support of The Downward Spiral. The tour is part of the Self Destruct Touring Cycle. Opening acts for this tour were Hole, Jim Rose Circus, Marilyn Manson, The Melvins and Pop Will Eat Itself.


Stage Set-Up

The stage setup for this tour was somewhat basic. An onstage lighting detail was provided by very tall columns with a single spotlight atop each one. There was a large draped fabric backdrop and linen-like fabric hung across the top of the stage structure. There was also a three piece scrim at the front of the stage that would be pulled away during the first song. The drums and main keyboard were both on large wooden risers.

This was the first NIN tour to feature a projection screen for three slow songs in the middle of the show, in this case "Eraser," "Hurt," and "The Downward Spiral." "Eraser" was accompanied by visuals of the desert, "Hurt" by compiled stock footage of various bleak imagery such as war atrocities and decaying animals, and "The Downward Spiral" by a visual of a wall that is made to appear doused in blood during the song's climax.

Typical setlist

  1. "Pinion"
  2. "Mr. Self Destruct"
  3. "Sin"
  4. "March Of The Pigs"
  5. "Piggy"
  6. "Reptile"
  7. "Gave Up"
  8. "Happiness In Slavery"
  9. "Eraser"
  10. "Hurt"
  11. "The Downward Spiral"
  12. "Wish"
  13. "Suck"
  14. "The Only Time" or "Ruiner"
  15. "Down In It"
  16. "Head Like A Hole"
  17. "Closer"
  18. "Dead Souls"
  19. "I Do Not Want This"
  20. "Something I Can Never Have"

Also "Physical," "Burn," "Get Down, Make Love," and "Terrible Lie" made a few occasional appearances at the second half of the show or at the encore.

Tour Dates

Date/Location Venue
1994/08/27 Rochester, NY Auditorium Theatre
1994/08/29 Cleveland, OH Nautica Stage
1994/08/30 Cleveland, OH Nautica Stage
1994/09/02 Clarkston, MI Pine Knob Amphitheater
1994/09/03 Chicago, IL UIC Pavillion
1994/09/05 St Paul, MN Roy Wilkins Auditorium
1994/09/07 Milwaukee, WI Riverside Theatre
1994/09/10 Muncie, IN Ball State Arena
1994/09/11 St Louis, MO Fox Theatre
1994/09/13 Nashville, TN Memorial Gym, Vanderbilt University
1994/09/14 Memphis, TN Cook Convention Center
1994/09/16 Springfield, MO Shrine Mosque
1994/09/17 Kansas City, KS Memorial Hall
1994/09/19 Omaha, NE Omaha Civic Center
1994/09/24 Seattle, WA Center Arena
1994/09/27 Vancouver, BC PNE Forum
1994/09/30 Sacramento, CA Arco Arena
1994/10/01 San Jose, CA Event Center, San Jose State University
1994/10/03 Los Angeles, CA Universal Amphitheatre
1994/10/04 Los Angeles, CA Universal Amphitheatre
1994/10/06 Los Angeles, CA Universal Amphitheatre
1994/10/07 Los Angeles, CA Universal Amphitheatre
1994/10/10 San Diego, CA San Diego Sports Arena
1994/10/11 Phoenix, AZ Arizona Verterans Memorial Coliseum
1994/10/14 Oakland, CA Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center
1994/10/16 Las Vegas, NV Thomas & Mack Center, UNLV
1994/10/18 Salt Lake City, UT Delta Center
1994/10/20 Denver, CO McNichols Arena
1994/10/26 El Paso, TX El Paso County Coliseum
1994/10/28 Austin, TX Frank Erwin Center
1994/10/29 Dallas, TX State Fair Park Coliseum
1994/10/31 Houston, TX The Summit
1994/11/02 Oklahoma City, OK Lloyd Noble Center, University of Oklahoma
1994/11/03 Tulsa, OK Expo Square Pavilion
1994/11/05 Carbondale, IL SIU Arena, Southern Illinois University
1994/11/06 Iowa City, IA Carver-Hawkeye Arena
1994/11/08 Madison, WI Dane County Coliseum
1994/11/09 Champaign, IL Assembly Hall, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
1994/11/12 Louisville, KY Louisville Gardens
1994/11/13 Columbus, OH Battelle Hall, Greater Columbus Convention Center
1994/11/15 Dayton, OH Hara Arena (POSTPONED TO DECEMBER 29)
1994/11/18 Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville Coliseum
1994/11/20 Miami, FL Miami Arena
1994/11/21 Tampa, FL Exposition Hall
1994/11/23 Winston-Salem, NC Joel Memorial
1994/11/25 Hampton, VA Hampton Coliseum
1994/11/28 Pittsburgh, PA Civic Arena
1994/11/29 Buffalo, NY Buffalo Memorial Auditorium
1994/12/01 Toronto, ON Maple Leaf Gardens
1994/12/03 Boston, MA Boston Garden
1994/12/04 Albany, NY Knickerbocker Arena
1994/12/06 Baltimore, MD Baltimore Arena
1994/12/07 New York City, NY Madison Square Garden (POSTPONED TO DECEMBER 8)
1994/12/08 New York City, NY Madison Square Garden (RESCHEDULED FROM DECEMBER 7)
1994/12/09 New York City, NY Madison Square Garden
1994/12/11 Philadelphia, PA Corestates Spectrum
1994/12/28 Cleveland, OH The Odeon
1994/12/29 Dayton, OH Hara Arena (RESCHEDULED FROM NOVEMBER 15)
1994/12/31 Detroit, MI Palace Of Auburn Hills
1995/01/03 Montreal, QC Theatre Du Forum
1995/01/05 Worcester, MA The Centrum
1995/01/06 Uniondale, NY Nassau Coliseum
1995/01/08 Cleveland, OH CSU Convocation Centre
1995/01/09 Cleveland, OH CSU Convocation Centre
1995/01/12 Kalamazoo, MI Wings Stadium
1995/01/13 Toledo, OH Sports Arena
1995/01/15 Chicago, IL Rosemont Horizon
1995/01/16 Chicago, IL Rosemont Horizon
1995/01/18 Milwaukee, WI Mecca Arena
1995/01/19 Moline, IL Mark of the Quad (CANCELLED due to snowstorm)
1995/01/21 Indianapolis, IN State Fair Coliseum
1995/01/22 Evansville, IN Roberts Arena
1995/01/24 Atlanta, GA The Omni
1995/01/25 Columbia, SC Carolina Coliseum
1995/01/27 Orlando, FL Orlando Arena
1995/01/30 Murfreesboro, TN Murphy Center, Middle Tennessee State University
1995/01/31 Little Rock, AR Barton Coliseum
1995/02/02 Lincoln, NE Pershing Auditorium (POSTPONED to February 13 due to illness)
1995/02/04 Minneapolis, MN Target Center
1995/02/05 Lacrosse, WI LaCrosse Center
1995/02/07 Sioux Falls, SD Sioux Falls Center
1995/02/08 Topeka, KS Expo Center
1995/02/10 Lubbock, TX NO VENUE (CANCELLED)
1995/02/11 Dallas, TX Fair Park Coliseum
1995/02/13 Columbia, MO Hearnes Center, University of Missouri (CANCELLED in lieu of Omaha make-up)
1995/02/13 Omaha, NE Omaha Civic Center (MAKE-UP from February 2)
1995/02/14 St. Louis, MO Kiel Center
1995/02/16 Pensacola, FL Civic Center (CANCELLED due to venue's main power feed melting)
1995/02/18 New Orleans, LA Lakefront Arena, University of New Orleans
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