2009/05/30 Noblesville, IN

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Nine Inch Nails played at the Verizon Wireless Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana, on May 30, 2009 as part of the Wave Goodbye Tour. Jane's Addiction and Street Sweeper Social Club also performed.


  • At the end of Street Sweeper Social Club's set, Perry Farrell and Dave Navarro came out and sang Happy Birthday to Tom Morello along with the rest of the crowd.
  • The soundcheck consisted of "The Frail," "The Wretched," "Non-Entity," "Lights In The Sky," and "Burn."
  • During "The Downward Spiral," it started pouring rain and the lawn cheered as they got soaked.
  • "Head Like A Hole" was intended to be the last song of the set, but because of the energy of the crowd, the band came out and played "Hurt" as well.
  • The clouds that floated overhead pulsed with glowing orbs of static electricity light. This natural light show continued well into Jane's Addiction's set as well.



  1. "Home"
  2. "1,000,000"
  3. "Discipline"
  4. "March Of The Pigs"
  5. "Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)"
  6. "Metal"
  7. "Meet Your Master"
  8. "Head Down"
  9. "I Do Not Want This"
  10. "Gave Up"
  11. "The Fragile"
  12. "The Downward Spiral"
  13. "Wish"
  14. "Survivalism"
  15. "Mr. Self Destruct"
  16. "Physical"
  17. "The Good Soldier"
  18. "The Hand That Feeds"
  19. "Head Like A Hole"
  20. "Hurt"


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