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Seed 1: Collected

Collected is a promotional DVD that was freely distributed by Nine Inch Nails via in 2005. It was also given away at GameStop stores. It contains a 23-minute collection of clips from various NIN music videos, live footage, interviews and the complete video for "The Hand That Feeds," in addition to an interactive "body of work" section that also appears on various releases from the same time period. The DVD is censored except for the "body of work" section. The card sleeve and the disc itself both contain the sub-title SEED 1, which refers to NIN's promotional material, much like "halos" refer to NIN's commercial releases.

DVD Chapters

The Collected feature contains 16 chapters (though no scene selection menu):

  1. Short snippets of the listed clips begins the DVD.
  2. "Down In It" (1989)
  3. "Head Like A Hole" (1990)
  4. "Sin" (1990)
  5. Broken Movie (1992) – Clips of "Wish," "Happiness In Slavery," and "Gave Up" (Closure)
  6. "Closer" (1994)
  7. Woodstock (1994) – Live clip of "Reptile"
  8. Self Destruct (1994–1996) – Interview clip and live clip of "March Of The Pigs" (Closure)
  9. "Hurt" Live (listed as 1994, actually 1995)
  10. "Burn" (1994) and "The Perfect Drug" (1997) (Both clips are part of Chapter 10.)
  11. "We're In This Together" (1999)
  12. "Into The Void" (1999)
  13. Fragility (1999–2000) – Live clips of "The Great Below" and "The Wretched" (And All That Could Have Been)
  14. "Something I Can Never Have: Still" (2002)
  15. "The Hand That Feeds" (2005)
  16. The last two seconds of the copyright notice
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