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Nine Inch Nails has a tour history dating back to late 1988, when they started out as an opening act, playing in small clubs. Since then, they've played in all types of venues, from small clubs, to sports arenas and stadiums, to some of the largest music festivals in the world.

This page serves as a hub for all the tours performed by NIN, as well as solo appearances by Trent Reznor.

Tour Duration Location
Pretty Hate Machine Tour
Support for Skinny Puppy's VIVIsectVI Tour 1988/10/211988/11/11 North America
"Pretty Hate Machine" Promotional Tour 1989/10/221989/12/29 North America
Support for The Jesus and Mary Chain's Automatic Tour 1990/01/261990/03/10 North America
Support for Peter Murphy's Deep Tour 1990/03/161990/04/21 North America
Hate Tour 1990/05/221990/08/04 North America
Sin Tour 1990/12/271991/02/06 North America
Lollapalooza Tour 1991/07/121991/08/20 North America
Pretty Hate Machine European Tour 1991/08/241991/09/13 Europe
Self Destruct Tour
Self Destruct Warm-up 1994/03/091994/03/27 North America, Hawaii
Self Destruct Australia 1994/03/31–1994/04/12 Australia
Self Destruct Tour 1994/04/171994/08/13 North America, Europe
Further Down The Spiral Tour 1994/08/271995/02/18 North America
Alternative Nation Festival 1995/04/131995/04/16 Australia
Dissonance Tour 1995/09/111995/10/29 North America
Fall 1995 Club Tour 1995/11/041995/11/27 North America
Nights Of Nothing Tour 1996/08/301996/09/08 North America
Fragility Tour
Fragility v1.0 Tour 1999/11/142000/02/06 Europe, Japan, Australia
Fragility v2.0 Tour 2000/04/032000/06/18 North America
Fragility v2.0 European Festivals 2000/06/232000/07/09 Europe
Live: With Teeth
With Teeth Club Tour 2005/03/232005/06/02 North America
With Teeth International Tour 2005/06/102005/08/22 Europe, Japan, Australia
With Teeth Fall Arena Tour 2005/09/162005/12/10 North America, South America
With Teeth Spring Arena Tour 2006/02/102006/04/01 North America
With Teeth Summer Amphitheater Tour 2006/05/262006/07/08 North America
Performance 2007
European Spring Tour 2007/02/102007/04/10 Europe
Australia / Japan Spring Tour 2007/05/072007/05/24 Australia, Japan
Summer / Fall Tour 2007/08/012007/09/18 Europe, Asia, Australia, Hawaii
Lights In The Sky Tour
Lights In The Sky Over North America 2008/07/192008/09/06 North America
Lights In The Sky Over South America 2008/10/022008/10/08 South America
Lights In The Sky Over North America 2008/10/182008/12/13 North America
Wave Goodbye Tour
Australia Tour 2009/02/172009/03/02 New Zealand and Australia
NIN/JA 2009 (US/Canada) 2009/05/082009/06/13 North America
Europe Tour 2009/06/192009/08/02 Europe
Asia Tour 2009/08/052009/08/15 Asia
North America Tour 2009/08/222009/09/10 North America
NIN 2013-2014 Tour
NIN 2013 Festival Tour 2013/07/262013/09/03 Asia, Europe, North America
Tension 2013 Tour 2013/09/212013/11/25 North America
NIN 2014 Japan Tour 2014/02/25–2014/03/01 Japan
NIN + QOTSA Tour 2014/03/062014/03/22 Australia, New Zealand
NIN 2014 Latin America Tour 2014/03/27–2014/04/06 Mexico, South America
NIN 2014 Europe/UK Tour 2014/05/06–2014/06/20 Europe
NIN + Soundgarden Tour 2014/07/182014/08/30 North America
NIN 2017-2018 Tour
I Can't Seem To Wake Up 2017 2017/07/192017/12/16 North America
Las Vegas Warm-Up 2018/06/132018/06/16 North America
Europe + Asia 2018 2018/06/222018/08/19 Europe, Asia
Cold And Black And Infinite Tour 2018/09/132018/12/15 North America

Unabridged Dates

Date/Location Venue
Dance Party USA
1989/11/20 Camden, NJ Power House Recording Studio
1999/09/09 New York, NY Metropolitan Opera House
The CRC Sessions
2000/04/27 Chicago, IL Chicago Recording Company
CD:UK Performance
2005/04/09 London, UK Riverside Studios
BBC Performance
2005/04/20 London, UK Maida Vale Studios
ReAct Now - Katrina Benefit Show (Trent Reznor solo)
2005/09/09 Los Angeles, CA Paramount Studios
KROQ Breakfast
2006/05/22 Los Angeles, CA KROQ Studios
Special Shows with Peter Murphy
2006/06/07 Atlanta, GA 99x Radio Show
2006/06/13 Washington, DC Nissan Pavilion
2006/06/23 Boston, MA WBCN, WFNX, WAAF Radio Show
2006/07/01 Chicago, IL First Midwest Bank Amphitheater
2006/07/08 San Francisco, CA Live 105 KITS Radio Show (CANCELLED)
Bridge School Benefit (Trent Reznor solo)
2006/10/21 Mountain View, CA Shoreline Amphitheatre
2006/10/22 Mountain View, CA Shoreline Amphitheatre
Open Source Resistance Meeting
2007/04/18 Los Angeles, CA Lacy Street Studios
Austin City Limits
2013/11/04 Austin, TX The Moody Theater
Jimmy Kimmel Live!
2013/11/07 Los Angeles, CA Jimmy Kimmel Live! Outdoor Stage
56th Annual GRAMMY Awards
2014/01/26 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center

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